Let Me Intoduce

The Two Week Website Experience

Not Your Average Website Experience

What Is It?

2 weeks of my undivided attention, We can run through domain names, color pallets and content until the website matches your vision. Straight up beautiful, clear, stylish website design.  But this is not just a website. This is an approachable website design experience in which you have a human relatable journey that supports you. I use uncomplicated language (because nobody loves a smart arse!),  I’m your number one cheerleader and best of all, your vision is heard and supported throughout.

What to Expect


Before we even start the two week process, I’ve got you covered.

I send over a comprehensive Welcome Package which is your new bff /  bible and guide to everything!

Once you’ve gathered all your content up, that’s all your hard work done!

The rest is left to me to put your vision into creation!

Week 1

We jump on a call to get fully aligned on what the goal of your website is. Together we outline your desires for look and feel.

While you relax into your week, I use all the content you have provided in the guides to dive in to the website build.

I make sure your new website meets all the tech requirements in design, SEO and functionality.

Week 2

After having a peek at your website over the weekend, I invite you to send a list of edits which I then implement.

I teach you how to use your website with a 2hr lesson (trust me it’s real fun), leaving you confident and empowered.

You click the LAUNCH button, we do a dance, and your website is in the world!


Whats Included

  • A friendly and approachable experience
  • A deep understanding of WordPress
  • Confidence and total empowerment with running your website
  • One to one experience
  • Everything explained and understandable, no question is a stupid question!
  • Your lesson is recorded in a word doc. so you can always reference back (it would be crazy to try and remember it all!)

Your 1-2-1 Experience

In addition to all the material to get you on the road to success you will also get;

a 1hr consultation

  • Me for two weeks, you’re my only client

  • Everything explained and understandable, no question is a stupid question!

  • 2hr WordPress lesson

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How Much Will It Cost You?

Here’s a breakdown of what you get…

  • Domain Registration for 24 Months
  • Hosting for 12 months
  • Content Manual
  • 1 Hour Consultation
  • 2 Hour WordPress Lesson
  • 30 Page Starter Pack
  • KYC Questionnaire
  • 100% Life Time IT Support
  • Additional Plugins
  • Branding Board
  • SEO Integration

Total Cost €650.00

The 2 week website experience not quite what your looking for?

 Don’t worry I’m here to help. Drop me a line and let me know how I can be of assistance.

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