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#a9f1df" For entrepreneurs, creative bloggers & small business owners who want a website that truly represents their business and their brand, want fast results through their social media platforms or want to increase their revenue by improving their marketing strategies..

So, you’re in need of a Professional, clear and stylish website?

You're in the right place because that's what I LOVE doing! Maybe you have just started your business and have no idea how to go about making a website? Perhaps you are still living in the stone ages and have no idea how to set up your new business on the social media platforms! Maybe you just want to be one step ahead of the competition and increase your marketing. Well, you are in luck because I cover all aspects of digital marketing!


I do things a little differently!


The World Wide Web can be quite intimidating! I believe that technology doesn't need to be complicated and that design should be accessible to all. That’s why I’ve created a gorgeous 2 week website process that is fun and easy. It’s a real and relatable experience, human to human (no robots). I’m 100% behind you and your business and truly want you to succeed, which is why I teach you how to use your website so you are totally confident and empowered.

Marketing & SEO

Whether you want to outsource your marketing or just implement new techniques I cover all types of marketing including Email marketing, Competitor analysis, link building, and lead generation. I'm pretty much a one-stop digital marketing machine in heels!

Social Media Marketing

Believe it or not, you can get a degree in this... Crazy right? I know because I have one. We live and breath Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms these days but setting up your business on social media is not as simple as setting up your personal profile. That's where I come in with my fancy diploma. I can have your business reaping the benefits of social media and double if not triple your potential audience.

The MLO Design Team

The behind the magic

Mercedes Lucy Oliver
Business Owner/ Website Designer/ Full Time Mum!
Oh Hey!.. I'm a 27-year old entrepreneur born in the UK, raised in Portugal and living in Spain. I live and breath anything website related, it's an addiction that comes as naturally to me as drinking coffee. I don't like failure so if there is anything I do not know how to do I will have mastered within a day! I love hiking,, spontaneous last-minute decisions and I'm a great listener!


it's been a long fun packed 27 years!

Digital Marketing
Website Development


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